Press Release | Thursday 9 July 2020

It has come to our attention that a social media post with misinformation is in circulation. The post bears the Cayman National corporate brand, a branded card not issued by Cayman National, a photo of our office location, and infers bankruptcy of Cayman Islands Banks. This claim is untrue and Cayman National remains a solid financial services group in strong financial standing. Cayman National Corporation is in no way connected with the message or its claim and has since taken steps to report the matter to the relevant authority.

We warn all social media users not to click the links for these posts if encountered. Report the posts as spam to help stop the spread of false information and contact us if there are any concerns regarding messages seen via social media. Please read our Cybersecurity tips and stay vigilant for potential threats.

We are stronger together and we take this opportunity to express our thanks to everyone who has reached out to share the post with us and express concern. If ever in doubt or to report on suspected scams, contact Cayman National via the following official communication channels:


Customer Support:




Cayman National Corporation Ltd.