Family of Funds

Cayman National Securities Ltd. has launched a family of funds designed to diversify investment portfolios across the investment spectrum.  Balance, diversification and the proper asset allocation between stocks, bonds, commodities and alternative investments will continue to be the cornerstone of our investment philosophy.

Cayman National Money Market Fund

Provides a rate of return in the range of one-month fixed deposit yet offers daily liquidity.


Cayman National Mortgage Fund

Let your money work for you and earn passive income by investing in a pool of loans secured by properties in the Cayman Islands.


Cayman National US Bond Fund

The fund provides investors broad exposure to the investment-grade bond market as it holds positions in various sectors.


Cayman National International Equity Fund

This fund offers investors diversified international exposure, excluding the US market, through its various holdings across the globe.


Cayman National Pension Fund

Invest in a pension fund that will help you prepare for retirement with confidence and peace of mind.


Cayman National US Equity Fund

This fund offers investors diversified exposure to the US equity market across a range of sectors.


Fund Administration 

  • Providing fund administration services for over 20 years, offering a wide range of services to a broad range of clients: alternative investment funds, family wealth vehicles and similar complex structures.
  • Our staff are well-qualified and experienced and use IT systems specifically designed for the fund administration industry.  Focused on providing efficient and cost-effective services that are tailored to each client’s needs.
  • As part of one of the largest financial services organisations in the Cayman Islands, where appropriate, we can complement our fund administration with other fiduciary, banking and investment services provided within the Group.

Cayman National Fund Services Ltd. is licensed and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority