Supporting a prosperous Cayman since 1974

Established in 1974, Cayman National Corporation Ltd. is the largest financial services company based in the Cayman Islands, providing banking, trust and company management, fund administration and wealth management services to clients locally and around the world, from the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man, with a representative office in Dubai. Cayman National is publicly traded on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange. 

Cayman National is part of the Republic Group which was established in the Caribbean in 1837 as the Colonial Bank and becoming Barclays Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. The Republic Group is one of the region’s largest and most successful financial institutions.

Cayman National group of companies comprises of:

Cayman Islands Cayman National Bank Ltd., Cayman National Fund Services Ltd., Cayman National Securities Ltd. and Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd.,

Isle of Man Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Ltd. and Cayman National Trust Company (Isle of Man) Ltd.

Dubai Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd.

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  • 1974  Cayman National Bank and Trust Company Ltd. officially opened for business, and shortly thereafter, operated under the umbrella of Cayman National Corporation. CNC’s first President and Founder Mr. Peter Tomkins’ idea of creating a Caymanian-owned bank to serve the people of the Cayman Islands was extremely well received and the bank and trust company flourished, producing a modest profit at its first financial year-end.
  • 1977 CNC offered 100,000 shares to the public, resulting in a broadening of ownership to approximately 150 members.  That same year Cayman National Bank opened a branch operation at Cotton Tree Bay in Cayman Brac.
  • 1978 The Bank’s assets reached CI$10 million; an impressive sum considering operations only began four years previously.
  • 1984 Cayman General Insurance began operations. Later that same year, Cayman Overseas Bank and Trust Co Ltd became Cayman Overseas Trust Co Ltd, differentiating itself from Cayman National Bank. 
  • 1985 Cayman National's first overseas venture - Caymanx Trust Co. Ltd. - was established in the Isle of Man.
  • 1989 Cayman National Bank became a member of Visa and MasterCard, and was able to issue its own credit cards, while Caymanx Trust Co. Ltd. became a full banking service.
  • 1990 Customer Service Centres opened in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.
  • 1991 Cayman Overseas Trust Co. Ltd became Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd., Cayman Securities Ltd changed its name to Cayman National Securities Ltd and Cayman National Bank and Trust Co Ltd. amended its name to Cayman National Bank Ltd. In an effort to standardise the name and to update the image, a new logo was adopted.
  • 1998 Cayman National shares were listed on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange.
  • 2007-2009 Continuation of local and overseas expansion, opening Cayman National Bank Ltd. Oficiana de Representación (Panama) and Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd, as well as establishing Cayman National Fund Services Ltd, part of the International Financial Services operations.
  • 2019  Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) announced its acquisition (through a subsidiary) of a majority interest in the Cayman National Corporation Limited (CNC).

Established in the Caribbean in 1837 as the Colonial Bank and becoming Barclays Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, the Republic Group is one of the region's largest and most successful financial institutions. 


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In the community

We're committed to supporting a number of local initiatives, non-profit and charitable organisations. Whilst much of our support is financial, our staff volunteer countless hours of their personal time to improve the lives of others. Most recently we donated $50,000 to the LIFE Foundation for laptops and sponsored the Graduation awards for three local high schools, Clifton Hunter High School, John Gray High School and Layman Scott High School. 

We are proud supporters of the following local non-profit organisations: 

  • Cayman Food Bank
  • CI Cancer Society
  • Special Olympics
  • Feed Our Future
  • CI Humane Society
  • Alex Panton Foundation
  • LIFE Foundation
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands
  • Jasmine
  • CI Red Cross
  • YMCA

To apply for a sponsorship or donation, please complete a request form, which contains detailed guidelines for completing. All requests will require proof of registration under the Non-Profit Organisations Law.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to be a leading internationally accepted financial services group offering world class products and services to satisfy all of our customers, locally and internationally, enabling us to prosper, provide a competitive return to our shareholders, and a rewarding workplace for our employees.

Providing quality customer service has always been at the core of our philosophy. We listen to our customers’ needs by strategically placing ourself at the forefront of Cayman’s banking community.  By utilising our international connections, with our MasterCard credit cards and linking the VISA ATM networks, together with our VISA business and debit cards, we lead the way for others to follow.

Isle of Man

Operating in the Isle of Man since 1985 from offices in the heart of the finance sector in the Island's capital, Douglas.

Cayman National Bank Ltd. provides a full range of private client wealth management services encompassing banking, investment management and fiduciary administration aimed at both private and corporate clients.  

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Since 2008, Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd. has arranged credit or deals in investments, advised on financial products or credit, and carried on authorised financial services with or for retail clients. Licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority, the organisation operates from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). 




Cayman National Subsidiary Boards

Cayman National Bank Ltd.
Bryan Hunter
Clarence Flowers

Colin Hanson
Janet Hislop

John Bierley
Leonard Ebanks
Nigel Baptiste
Nigel Wardle

Roopnarine Oumade Singh
Sherri Bodden-Cowan
Stuart Dack


Cayman National Trust Company Ltd.
Bryan Hunter
John Bierley

Leonard Ebanks
Nigel Wardle
Stuart Dack

Cayman National Securities Ltd.
Bryan Hunter
Colin Hanson
Erol Babayigit
John Bierley

Leonard Ebanks
Nigel Wardle
Stuart Dack


Cayman National Fund Services Ltd.
Bryan Hunter
Colin Hanson
John Bierley

Leonard Ebanks
Nigel Wardle
Stuart Dack

Susan Levy-Elliott