Cayman National

Visa Infinite® Credit Card

The Cayman National Visa Infinite Credit Card is the premier card of preference that offers a world of infinite possibilities. The Infinite card is a recognised symbol of prestige and distinction that enables you to access the finest things in life. The Cayman National Visa Infinite Card is designed to provide maximum flexibility, options, variety and access with a host of features and benefits.

An Infinite Bonus

All new Cayman National Infinite Cardholders will automatically receive 10,000 Visa Rewards points upon card activation.

Infinite Benefits

  • Visa Customer Service Center – Direct access to Visa providers: concierge/medical assistance and much more
  • Travel Assistance Services – The travel assistance service is available around the clock, worldwide
  • Emergency Services -  With your Visa Infinite card you can receive numerous emergency service options such as, card replacement, travel assistance, ticket replacement, legal assistance, medical evacuation and much more
  • Card replacement in 24 hrs
  • Cash advances in 24 hrs – Emergency cash is made available worldwide to cardholders
  • Travel Accident Insurance - When the full cost of your trip is paid for with your Cayman National Visa Infinite Card, you and your loved ones are automatically covered for up to USD 1,500,000
  • Auto-rental Insurance – Worldwide – No limit for losses
  • International Emergency Medical Services - Automatic coverage up to USD 200,000 for a wide range of medical services for you and your loved ones when you pay for your tickets in full with your Cayman National Visa Infinite Card
  • Lost and Delayed Luggage - At no additional cost to you, your Visa Infinite card will cover a specified amount for any luggage that is lost, delayed or temporarily lost via an airline or other common carrier, when your ticket is paid in full with your Visa Infinite card. Automatic coverage of up to USD 600 for delayed luggage and up to USD 3,000 for lost luggage
  • Extended Warranty Insurance – Receive free insurance coverage of up to USD 25,000 per annum and an extended warranty period on your purchased item(s) when using your Visa Infinite card
  • Purchase Protection - Theft and damage coverage for a period of 45 days on most of the new product(s) and item(s) purchased with your Visa Infinite card which covers cost of replacement or repair. Coverage limited to USD 10,000 per event and up to USD 20,000 per 12 month period
  • Price Protection - Visa Infinite offers reimbursement for the price difference up to USD 4,000 if another retailer offers the same product(s) at a lower price within 30 days of the purchase. Coverage is limited to USD 1,000 per event and up to USD 4,000 per 12 month period
  • Cancelled Trip Insurance - Receive up to USD 3,000 to cover prepaid travel expenses that cannot be recovered if your trip is cancelled, when you pay the full price of your ticket with your Visa Infinite card
  • Missed Connection - Automatic coverage for you, and your loved ones in the event of a missed connection from a common carrier due to unforeseeable circumstances that makes the traveler unable to arrive at the final destination at the scheduled arrival time. Coverage up to USD 300
  • Travel Delay – Automatic coverage of up to USD 300 for additional expense incurred due to a delay in your travels
  • Insured Journey - Automatic coverage of up to USD 50,000 per person in each case of accidental bodily injuries, or death when you pay the full price of your ticket with your Visa Infinite card on domestic trips farther than 150 kilometers from your residence
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