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Protecting Yourself

Safe Shopping

If you are using your credit card to shop online, there are several tips you should follow to protect yourself and your accounts.

Know your seller
Conduct business with those companies that you know and that are reputable. Remember, you will be sharing your credit card number, your name and possibly, your address and phone number.

Check security                 
If you provide your credit card number online, make certain your connection is secure. Most browsers display special icons, for example a padlock or key to indicate secure sites. Many merchants also inform you on their websites if they have taken security precautions. Look for this advisory. If you don't see it, ask about it.

Protect your email
Email is not a secure form of communication. In order to protect your account numbers and avoid credit card fraud, do not send your account numbers or other financial information by email.

Protect your PIN and account numbers
Treat online marketers as you would telephone marketers or anyone else you don't know. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so pass it up. Only provide your card number when you are making a purchase and if you have initiated the negotiation. You should never disclose your PIN or any account password to any online merchant for any reason, and never use your government issued identification, PIN, or easily guessed words or numbers as a password.