Cayman National


Cayman National is committed to safeguarding your privacy by ensuring your personal information is protected in a way that maintains its own corporate values, and that is consistent with the laws and regulations, and any associated amendments, of the Cayman Islands.

Cayman National is committed to your financial privacy. It may change the content or services found on this Site at any time without notice, and consequently its privacy policy may change at any time in the future. Your agreement to revisit this website and to consistently review this disclaimer and privacy statement will mean that you agree to any changes that are made.
This statement contains guidelines that have been prepared so that ┬ácustomers and visitors to this web site understand Cayman National’s commitment to personal privacy.

Your Privacy on Password Protected Areas of our Site

If you register to use the password protected portions of this site, Cayman National will ask you to provide it with certain data about yourself. It maintains strict security standards and procedures in order to prevent unauthorised access to your data by anyone, including its staff. It uses state-of-the-art technologies including, but not limited to: data encryption; fire walls and server authentication to protect the security of your data. All affiliated third parties and staff members will be required to observe similar privacy standards and to allow Cayman National to audit them for compliance.

Use and Retention of Customer Information

In order to identify and communicate with you via its online banking area, Cayman National may collect and retain information about you. This information will be used to provide you with information about its products and services, to help it respond to specific questions that you ask, and to provide you with information that may be of interest to you. It may also use this information to help it comply with laws and regulations that apply to Cayman National.

Maintenance of Accurate Information

Cayman National is committed to keeping its customers' account information accurate, current and complete. Procedures have been established to help ensure this information is correct, and in the event that it is not, it will research and resolve discrepancies as quickly as possible.