Cayman National

Phishing & Email Scams

All internet users, especially online banking and credit card customers need to be aware of phishing emails. Phishing emails are emails sent by malicious users attempting to gain access to private financial information.
Below is an example of a Phishing email targeted to a Cayman National customer

Below are a few tips to protect yourself against phishing and email scams:

  1. Cayman National will never ask you to verify or update your account information. If you receive a request to update or confirm your account information via email, please report this email immediately
  2. Only input your information to the official Cayman National web site at Many phishing scams use websites that resemble the real websites, so be sure to check the address in your browser and ensure that it is from before inputting any account information. If in doubt, navigate to the Cayman National home page at to find the page
  3. Only sign on from secure locations. Avoid using your online banking from public internet providers, such as internet cafes, community centres and libraries. Invest in firewall and antivirus protection on your computer
  4. If you believe that your account information has been compromised, contact the Customer Support Centre immediately at 345 949 8300