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Nursing Scholarship Available!
Are you a Caymanian, 17 years of age or older and interested in pursuing a Nursing degree or currently enrolled in the Nursing program at UCCI?
Apply Now for the Peter A.  Tomkins Cayman National Nursing Scholarship
Offered by Cayman National and UCCI.

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Cayman National offers scholarship to Nursing profession

The nursing profession is one that continues to be held in high regard and requires the unwavering dedication and care that only the most noble and humble of individuals would embrace. To many the banking industry and the nursing profession would be an unlikely pair, until now. Cayman National has decided to mix the tradition of offering business and finance scholarships by supporting the nursing profession with the Peter A. Tomkins Cayman National Nursing Scholarship.

The scholarship offering came to fruition after working with the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) who unveiled a new programme, a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in mid 2013. The Board of Directors of Cayman National Corporation seized the opportunity to offer Caymanian students another education option and career path geared towards building the social capacity of the country. “Many opportunities are currently available for students to pursue careers in business, finance and legal studies, however, the needs of a country far exceed these areas. With healthcare and quality of life being so critical, we are excited that the Nursing programme now exists as a strong and alternative offering which we hope will be embraced by Caymanian students,” commented Ormond A. Williams, President, Cayman National Bank.

The Nursing programme offered by UCCI is a four year Bachelor of Science degree which is designed to prepare nurses with the required knowledge, skills and attitude to practice at the entry level within the nursing profession having obtained the title of Registered Nurse.

UCCI President Roy Bodden said, “The University College of the Cayman Islands is proud to register its appreciation for the nursing scholarship offered by Cayman National Bank in honour of the late Peter A. Tomkins. Cayman National Bank has a stellar record of corporate social responsibility in the Cayman Islands and the Bank continues along this path of excellence with the announcement of this scholarship. As President, I welcome this generous gesture on behalf of the University College community and wish Cayman National Bank continued success and God’s richest blessings.”

In addition to the scholarship Cayman National has also been a strong partner with the Cayman Islands Nursing Association as an annual sponsor of the Cayman Islands International Nursing Conference. The three day conference brings together a wide cross section of stakeholders in the healthcare industry to share and discuss issues of common concern and share innovative practices and ideas, all with the goal of excellence in nursing and healthcare delivery. This year’s conference will be held May 6th-9th.

Cayman National and UCCI look forward to this partnership and hope it will stimulate some interest in this field amongst young Caymanians. Mr. Williams added, “We are excited to be offering the inaugural Peter A Tomkins Cayman National Scholarship which we believe will continue to highlight Cayman National’s commitment to not only serving its immediate customers but also to strengthen the social fabric of the Cayman Islands as a whole while improving the quality of healthcare”.