Cayman National

Mortgage Fund

Cayman National Mortgage Fund is a professionally managed open ended investment company with the principle objective of engaging in mortgage lending secured by real estate in the Cayman Islands.


The Fund offers mortgages, denominated in US Dollars, to customers who qualify.


The Fund offers investors the opportunity to directly participate in the growing Cayman Islands real estate market through mortgage lending. Investors share the interest income of the Fund, less expenses, and bear any risk or loss. Risk is minimised through the construction of a well diversified portfolio of first mortgages. The Cayman National Mortgage Fund is designed to invest in a wide variety of Cayman Islands based mortgages.

Fund benefits

  • All of your money goes to work immediately
  • Optional automatic reinvestment
  • Reasonable redemption procedures
  • No withholding or income tax obligations in the Cayman Islands. (Investors should consult their personal tax/financial advisor for specific tax advice)
  • Fund management

For more information, click here to view the Mortgage Fund Fact Sheet.