Cayman National

Money Market Fund

The Cayman National Money Market Fund is designed to produce yields in the range of a one month fixed deposit yet provides daily liquidity. It is suitable for both local and foreign accounts seeking an exposure to the fixed deposit market or looking for higher yields than available through bank deposits while being exempt from any withholding or income tax.

Other Important Benefits:

100% No Load

All of your money goes to work immediately. There are no initial fees nor any redemption fees.

Automatic Reinvestment

Income derived from the investments within the fund are reinvested in the fund and reflected by an increase in the value of your investment.


The assets may be held through bank certificates of deposit, government and commercial paper, short term fixed income instruments and institutional money markets.


Investors should consult their personal financial advisors for specific tax advice regarding taxes that might be applicable to the acquisition, holding and disposition of shares of the fund in respect thereof under the law of the country of their citizenship, residence or domicile.

How to Invest in the Fund

To obtain a prospectus and application please contact Cayman National Securities Ltd.