Cayman National Mortgage Fund

To invest principally in first mortgage loans secured on property in the Cayman Islands and under normal conditions, to invest approximately 90% of its assets in primary mortgages. The Fund is dependent upon Cayman National Bank Ltd. to supply the mortgages. Cayman National Bank seeks to supply mortgage loans to the Fund when it has mortgage loans that are a surplus to its internal and/or regulatory threshold, and will seek to purchase mortgages from the Fund when its mortgage loan positions are below regulatory and/or regulatory thresholds.

Automatic Reinvestment

Investors are able to secure automatic reinvestment or enjoy dividends.


Subject to liquidity considerations as noted below. Investors may switch from one Cayman National Fund to another, with no charge, to meet changing investment objectives and economic conditions. Cayman National currently offers a suite of funds to choose from.


Shares of the Mortgage Fund may be redeemed on a monthly basis with two weeks advance notice. Due to the nature of the assets held in the Fund, there is no guarantee that an investor's shares can be immediately redeemed.

  • 100 % No Load.
  • All of your money goes to work immediately - there are no initial fees or redemption fees.
  • Minimum Initial Investment USD$10,000


Investors should consult their personal financial advisors for specific tax advice regarding taxes that might be applicable to the acquisition, holding and disposition of shares of a fund and to distributions in respect thereof under the law of the countries of their citizenship, residence or domicile.


How to Invest

The Cayman National Mortgage Fund is only available for purchase when accompanied by a current copy of the offering prospectus. To obtain a prospectus and application, please contact the Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application Form

Call +134 640 9263