Cayman National

Visa Business Cards

The Cayman National Visa Business card is designed for businesses of all sizes. Experience the quality that the Visa brand offers; apply for a Cayman National Visa Business card today.

To apply for your Visa Business card, simply complete a Visa Business card application and drop it off at one of our convenient Customer Service Centres or fax it to 345 945 2401. To apply for additional cards, complete the additional cardholder information section of the application.

Wherever your business takes you, you can rely on the security and protection of the Visa Business card.

  • Access cash 24 hours a day at VISA/PLUS ATMs around the world
  • Enjoy flexible payment options with 5% minimum monthly payment
  • Review your spending with detailed card purchase descriptions on monthly statements
  • Use statement documentation for audits and expense management
  • Provide cards to authorised employees with specific purchase and withdrawal limits
  • Auto rental insurance: Comprehensive coverage of a damaged and/or stolen vehicles
  • Travel with the security of travel services, including accidental insurance and auto rental insurance
  • Promote visibility with your company name embossed on card
  • Reduce cheque-writing costs
  • Separate your business and personal transactions and facilitate cash flow management. When your cash flow is under control, there’s no telling what you can accomplish

The Visa business card is the ideal travel companion offering travel accident insurance up to USD 250,000 when a ticket is paid for with the business card, auto rental insurance and travel assistance.

Rewards Programme

Cayman National Bank’s VISA business card rewards can be redeemed for travel awards including free and discounted airfare, hotel accommodation and rental cars with ease.

Earn points for every dollar you spend. (1 point = $1 spent)

Redeem your reward at your convenience with just a few clicks.

Here’s how:

(Please note: Total credit limit must equal the sum of the individual cardholder limits)