Cayman National

Merchant PCI Compliance Programme

Dear Valued Merchant,

Cayman National is pleased to advise that we have partnered with Security Metrics to assist with enrollment and on-going PCI Compliance for merchants of Cayman National Bank.

As your Merchant Services Provider, Cayman National Bank adopts the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is the global industry standard, in order to protect cardholder data wherever it is processed, stored or transmitted. The security controls and processes required are vital for protecting cardholder account data, including the primary account numbers printed on the front of a payment card. Merchants, such as your business, and any other service providers involved with payment card processing must never store sensitive authentication data. This includes sensitive data that is printed on a card, or stored on a card’s magnetic stripe.

If there is a subsequent cardholder data breach that is linked to your business, your business will be liable for all claims, losses, expenses, damages, and costs related to the data breach.

We take the protection of customer and payment account data very seriously. We are required to ensure all of our merchants, including your business, comply with PCI DSS, and that all merchants validate their PCI DSS compliance status on an annual basis. Therefore, Security Metrics will contact you via e-mail to register your business and to access the PCI DSS questionnaire which will be submitted securely thru their portal.

If you have not received an e-mail notification, please advise your correct e-mail address. If you have questions/concerns or need to verify Security Metrics, please feel free to contact a member of your Merchant Services Team. 

We look forward to your urgent attention to this important matter.

Yours sincerely,

Donna Thompson
Manager- Sales & Service, (Card Services)