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Merchant PCI Compliance Questionnaire

Complete the Cayman National Merchant PCI Questionnaire


Dear Valued Merchant,

Thank you for choosing Cayman National for your Merchant Services. We value your business and strive to provide you with fast, reliable transaction processing while maintaining the security of card information.  As part of our commitment to card security, we are required to inform you of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The PCI security standards are technical and operational requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), which is comprised of the five major card brands, Visa Inc., MasterCard Worldwide, Discover Financial Services, JCB International and American Express.

The goal of the PCI DSS is to protect cardholder data wherever it is processed, stored or transmitted. The security controls and processes required are vital for protecting cardholder account data, including the primary account numbers printed on the front of a payment card. Merchants and any other service providers involved with payment card processing must never store sensitive authentication data. This includes sensitive data that is printed on a card, or stored on a card’s magnetic stripe or microchip.

As your business partner and Merchant Services Provider, we take the protection of customer and payment account data very seriously. We understand the reputational damage and financial costs that a compromise can pose to your business. To ensure that card transactions occur in a secure environment, all merchants are required to comply with the industry standard.  In support of this important mandate, we require all of our merchants to validate their PCI DSS compliance status.

In order to validate your business, please take a moment to complete the assessment. We would appreciate your response by October 31st, 2014. Please ensure that all information submitted is accurate and that it is a true reflection of the way you process and handle cardholder data.

Whilst validating your business helps to mitigate the risk of a breach or compromise, it does not prevent a security breach or compromise from occurring.  Merchants need to be vigilant and ensure all aspects of security are enforced, from personnel adhering to policies and procedures to physical security.  All are components of PCI compliance.

Should you have any questions, concerns or need guidance to complete the questionnaire, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Yours sincerely,
Julie Hunter
Manager, Projects Support