Security Alerts

What if a transaction is suspicious, do I reply to the alert?

The alert message will have a number to call. The alert service is one way, so youy can't reply to the message.

Can I unsubscribe or change my alert preferences?

Yes. Changes to this service (such as email address, and disabling alerts for certain accounts) can be done using the Online Banking message center, completing a customer request form or by calling Customer Support at +1 345 949 4655. 

Will these alerts replace the calls I receive from Card Security?

No. The alert service will provide additional security and quicker notifications in an effort to minimise fraud. Our Card Security team will still carry out investigations to determine if a transaction is risky. In the event of fraud or suspected fraud, your account may be restricted whilst the issue is investigated. 

Are the Security Alerts free?

Yes, this service is free at this time.

I have a joint account, will the other cardholder see my activity?

Yes, joint account holders that are subscribed to alerts, will see the activity of the additional cardholders on the account.

Will I receive alerts if I’m overseas?

Yes. If you're still using your mobile phone overseas or have provided an email address you can still receive alerts when traveling.

Can alerts be set up for multiple bank accounts attached to a single debit card?

Yes, once accounts are issued in the cardholder's name.

Can alerts be set up for Business Cards?

At this time, the service does not include Business cards.

Can I receive alerts by text and email?

Yes, you may receive alerts by email and/or text message. Alerts are limited to just one mobile number, but multiple email addresses.

What should I do if my mobile number changes?

Please advise us immediately of your new mobile number.


What alerts are available?

  • Card Expiration Notification 
  • Credit Account Status 
  • Card Replacement 
  • Transaction Notification 
  • Low balance alert on transaction (Credit Card only)
  • Credit Account Payment Due (Credit Card only)
  • Late Payment (Credit Card Only)


How do I pay with my contactless card?

It's easy. Simply tap your contactless card on the contactless symbol on the POS terminal. A PIN or signature is not needed if the amount is under $50.

Do I have to PIN my contactless Chip & PIN Card?

If you already have a PIN on your current card, you don't need to re-PIN your chip card. If you don't already have a PIN or have forgotten it, you can set up a new PIN at any Customer Service Centre

What is a Chip Card?

Chip cards are plastic credit or debit cards with the traditional magnetic strip as well as an embedded microchip. The chip holds encrypted information making it more difficuIt for your card information to be fraudulently copied or counterfeited.

What is contactless?

Contactless uses radio signals to provide a wireless connection to a card reader, so that the card doesn't need to be swiped or inserted into the POS terminal to make a payment.

Where can I use my contactless Chip & PIN Card?

Anywhere that VISA, Mastercard, PIus and Cirrus are accepted.