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Cayman National backs new youth and parent resource

Cayman National has done it again with a seemingly unlikely pairing for the banking industry.  Last year Cayman National joined forces with the nursing profession to offer the first ever local nursing scholarship.  Today Cayman National, YMCA Cayman Islands, AMF Partners Ltd and Connect with Kids, an educational and instructional media company in Atlanta Georgia that develops evidence-based programs focused on improving student health, behavior and parent engagement, have joined forces to offer the youth and parents of the Cayman Islands a new resource at no cost.  The partnership will deliver a one of a kind website and tool for the entire Cayman Islands community. The website will provide a comprehensive, non-fiction video library on social and emotional issues relevant to the Cayman Islands and many videos, lesson plans, professional development modules and parent resources on topics such as bullying and violence prevention, character development, attendance, college and career readiness and more.

"When Mr. Ricardo Forbes of AMF Partners Ltd approached us with this opportunity we felt the need to assist but knew this strategy would have an even more significant impact if we engaged an organisation that is already invested in developing our youth" says Ormond Williams Cayman National Bank President. This is when Mr. Forbes met with YMCA CEO Gregory Smith who immediately showed interest in championing the programme on island.  With the YMCA’s commitment and Cayman National's financial contribution the way was paved to get started on preparing the tool which will be beneficial to both parents and students alike. "Supporting the positive development of our youth should be an obligation of the entire Cayman Islands community. Cayman National is pleased to partner with the YMCA and AMF Partners Ltd in a programme that takes a holistic approach to youth development" Ormond Williams further comments.

Mr. Forbes of AMF Partners Ltd. said ”he has always had a passion and a desire, to offer a product with solutions, that he feels and knows will make a difference in the lives of Kids, and Parents in the Cayman Islands. His goal is to continue to raise awareness on the Social and Emotional, and Health and Wellness challenges that we are experiencing on these islands. He would like to thank CNB and the YMCA of Cayman, for having the vision and the commitment, to partner with AMF Partners Ltd, and CWK Network, to make it a reality.”

Gregory Smith, CEO YMCA Cayman Islands comments "As the YMCA continues to seek collaborations that strengthen our community, we have recognized this educational tool as more than just a great resource for youth, parents, educators, counselors and coaches. The website also provides an excellent platform to strengthen relationships between like-minded, community and youth-based organisations. As we work together from a common ground, linked to this shared resource, our potential for impact becomes far greater than we could ever achieve independently. The Y is extremely grateful for the visionary leadership and support of CNB, which has made these tools available to strengthen our community".

Hon. Truman Bodden
Ormond Williams, CNB President hands over cheque to Gregory Smith, CEO YMCA and Ricardo Forbes of AMF Partners Ltd.