Cayman National

Cayman Island Seafarer's Association (CISA) Receives Support

5 April 2011

Cayman National's generous donation to the CISA was well received by members of their Executive Committee. The donation was in support of the 'Gwen Bush Scholarship' fund which has been established to support young Caymanians with an interest in boat-building.

According to members there is currently one young person already on scholarship where he is presently attending the International Yacht Restoration School in Rode Island, New York, and it is their dream to revive the boat building trade of the 'yesteryear' Cayman.

"We wish to thank Cayman National for support and extend an invitation to the Caymanian public to visit the Seafarer's Association to learn of their efforts to keep alive the maritime history and culture of the Caymanian people," said Past President, Mr. Hartmann DaCosta.

"Cayman National is pleased to support such a worthy cause and recognize the significance of our maritime and seafarer's heritage," said Cayman National's Corporate Communication Senior Executive, Claudia Welds. "We wish the organization every success in their future endeavours to realizing their dream," she said.