Cayman National

Orchid Garden Supported

10 December 2009

As a Friend of the Botanic Park, Cayman National is on board as a Gold Sponsor of the proposed Orchid Garden for the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

"The Orchid Society and the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park have joined forces to develop an Orchid Garden at the Botanic Park which will feature native Cayman orchids and regional orchid species and primary hybrids. Cayman National has generously donated CI$3,000 to this project for which both the Orchid Society and the Botanic Park are very grateful," commented Andrew Gutherie, General Manager, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

"Preservation of our environment and particularly that which is indigenous to us, must engage the attention and commitment of the entire community, said Ormond Williams, President of Cayman National Bank. "We are delighted that we can partner with the Botanic Park in the creation of this Orchid Garden and are confident that on its completion many will enjoy the benefits it will offer," he said.