Cayman National

Cayman National Employees Celebrate in 70's Style

2 June 2009

Cayman National's employees rolled back the hands of time at their 18th annual staff awards event which theme's was that of the 70's decade.

The Staff Awards Banquet, which is held annually to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of employees, was held on Saturday 30th May at Pedro St. James with almost 200 employees and members of the Board of Directors in attendance.

Established in 1974, Cayman National celebrates its 35th anniversary this year as the largest local financial services company. "As part of our plans to celebrate our 35th anniversary it was decided that this year's special staff event would be the celebration of the significant milestone in the history of the organization, together with celebrating and acknowledging the successes of many of our staff, including those who have been with the organization since it's inception," explained, Claudia Welds, Corporate Communications Senior Executive.

Highlights of the evening's event were staff in 70's costumes and accessories commemorating the era in which the organization was established, and 70's fashion show which created and atmosphere of celebration and excitement. In addition, the UCCI Steel Pan Band, Pandemix, which is proudly sponsored by Cayman National, provided entertainment to the 70's music.

In his opening remarks, Stuart Dack, Cayman National's CEO, acknowledged the contribution of all employees to the continued success of the organization, and reassured them that in spite of the prevailing challenges of the global economy, Cayman National continues to be a strong and stable organization.

"Having survived the onslaught and repercussions of Hurricane Ivan almost 5 years ago, we are confident that as a direct result of the hard-work and dedication of our employees, we will certainly survive this current economic crisis," said Mr. Dack.

Mr. Dack also paid tribute to the Founder of Cayman National, Mr. Peter Tomkins and the founding Directors, who were also in attendance.

Long service awards were presented, with thirty-four staff receiving awards for 5 to 35 years of service.

In addition, the following staff were presented with awards in various categories including: Customer Service, Leadership, Attitude and Teamwork: Georgette Ortega, Anna Clarke, Kadian Taylor, Susan Levy, Melissa Maize, Shelly Brooks, Marilys Eden, Delcita Merren, Gillian Lawrence, Idania Ebanks, Charmaine Ebanks, Soraya Taylor and Mideya Kirchman.

The CEO's Award of Excellence went to Milton Morrison and his Debt Collection Unit Team.

In commenting on the success of the event, Event Coordinator, Claudia Welds said that she was extremely pleased that this was yet another very successful event, which brought all levels of staff together to celebrate something that they each had in common, which was the success of the very fine organization that they were privileged to be a part.

"We wanted this year's event to be one of camaraderie and celebration and I am pleased that these objectives were achieved. I am extremely grateful to the outstanding team-work which was demonstrated by those involved," she said. "I do believe that the event will be one that our staff will remember for a long time."

Prizes were drawn at the end of the event with the Grand Prize being 2 round trip tickets to New York, one week's off work, together with US$500 cash spending money.