Cayman National

Tribute Paid to Cayman National's Founding Shareholders

19 March 2009

Founding Shareholders, 1973

The Founding Shareholders of Cayman National were recognized for their vision 35 years ago to support the establishment of a 'Caymanian' Bank. January 28, 2009 marked the 35th anniversary since Cayman National Bank opened its doors to offer banking services to the public.

A reception was held at the Brasserie Restaurant following the 2009 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, where presentations were made to founding shareholders.

In acknowledging the significant contributions made by each of the founding members, Mr. Stuart Dack, President and CEO of Cayman National reiterated the strength of the business which remains well capitalized with continued profitability. He commented on the fact that Cayman National now represents an international group of companies in which shareholders and customers can have every confidence in spite of the current global economic conditions. Mr. Dack went on to thank the founding shareholders for their loyalty and support and mentioned that they were now part of a locally owned and traded public company with more than 1300 shareholders, the majority of whom are Caymanian. In reflecting on the success of the business Mr. Dack pointed out that the dividend return in last year was over 4% and that shares are available for purchase locally.

Granddaughter of the Founding Shareholder
the late Clarence Flowers, accept award on
behalf of the family from Peter A. Tomkins.

Mr. Peter Tomkins, Founder and Director also reflected on early days of the organization and said, "While the Bank did not set the world on fire in its first year back in 1974, this was deliberate and in line with policy set down from day one that growth would be slow but sure and steady In fact, the operation made a profit in that first year, even if the sum was only CI$600."

Local businessmen who subscribed to the establishment of Cayman's only 'local' bank were: Peter Tomkins, Benson O. Ebanks (Chairman), Truman M. Bodden (Secretary), Derek Wight, Lawrence Thompson, James M. Bodden, Richard E. Arch, Daniel 'Mike' Simmons, Graham Ebanks, Norberg Thompson, Arthur Hunter, Clarence Flowers, Snr., and Bruce Campbell, with the two overseas shareholders being, John C. Bierley and David Cossar.

Although some of the original members have passed on (or were unable to attend), invitations were extended to members of their families to attend the event, and the following were on hand representing their respective family member:

  • Natasha Wight and Joseph Kirkconnell, grandchildren of Derek Wight
  • Kevin Parsons, son-in-law of Mr. Richard Arch
  • Debra Humphreys , daughter of the late Graham Ebanks
  • Kel Thompson, son of the late Norberg Thompson
  • Mary Trumbach, daughter of the late James M. Bodden
  • Dara Flowers-Burke, granddaughter of the late Clarence Flowers Snr.