Cayman National

Cayman National Supports Youth Intern

4 July 2007

Kacey Solomon, an Accounting Assistant Intern with Cayman National was afforded the opportunity to attend the 2007 Global Young Leaders Summit (GYLS) through the support of Cayman National. Kacey, a recent graduate of John Gray High School was nominated to attend the Summit, which was held in Australia.

The Global Young Leaders Summit is a unique leadership development program available to alumni of the Global Young Leaders Summit. As honored guests in Australia, scholars were able to sharpen their leadership skills of communication, networking and persuasion while preparing for success in a world influenced by rapidly changing cultural, political and economic forces. Through networking and hands-on experiences, scholars learned to evaluate critical information, form and advocate positions and make decision.

According to Kacey, the conference was an unforgettable and up-building experience. The overall focus was Cross Cultural Communication, which plays a vital role in everyday life. It provided a better understanding of, and beneficial exposure to unique cultures and their diversity. "Networking and lobbying were also two main topics we worked on mainly among our fellow GYLS delegates. I've gained a greater knowledge of cross cultural adaptation, various leadership skills, friends and a rare opportunity to travel across the globe. I would like to thank the Cayman National for the support and encouragement they have provided in making it possible for me to attend this summit," said Kacey.

"We were extremely pleased to make this experience a reality for Kacey. Cayman National is aware that the more we actively participate and partner with our young people, the better we serve them. Through our partnership with our youth we are increasing our public value to the entire community," said Cayman National's Claudia Welds.