Cayman National

Cayman National's 2007 Calendar Presented to the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands

14 December 2006

Mr. Kenrick Ebanks, Head of Finance and IT
accepts the calendar on behalf of the Cayman
Islands Shipping Registry and Maritime Authority
from Ms. Claudia Welds.

Cayman National has been producing calendars with native and cultural themes for several decades, therefore an appropriate theme for this year's calendar is "A Celebration of our Maritime Heritage". Cayman National calendars have become a signature item, which is our gift to both local and overseas customers.

This year's calendar is unique in that it also includes pictures from the Isle of Man jurisdiction where Cayman National also has an office. The sea has played a major role in the history of both the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man who can be justifiably proud of their maritime heritage and their contribution to its evolution and development of maritime commerce throughout the centuries.

A presentation of the calendar was made to the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands, and according to Cayman National's Corporate Communications Senior Executive, Ms. Claudia Welds, it was very fitting to make the presentation to the Maritime Authority who continues to play a vital role in the preservation of the island's maritime heritage.

"We want to extend our deep appreciation to Cayman National, not only for acknowledging the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, but more importantly for recognizing Cayman's maritime heritage as a whole. This calendar will serve as a constant reminder throughout the year of the rich maritime culture that our forefathers were a part of, and the strong and prevailing maritime industry that exists today in the Cayman Islands," said Mr. Joel Walton, Director, Cayman Islands Shipping Registry.