Cayman National


Cayman National Corporation (CNC) is a true Caymanian institution: a publicly owned and traded Caymanian company which provides a wide range of financial services to domestic and international clients.

The story of CNC’s success began in 1974 when the doors of Cayman National Bank and Trust Company Limited officially opened for business, and shortly thereafter, operated under the umbrella of Cayman National Corporation. CNC’s first President and Founder Mr. Peter Tomkins’ idea of creating a Caymanian-owned bank to serve the people of the Cayman Islands was extremely well received and the bank and trust company flourished, producing a modest profit at its first financial year-end.

Those early years provided steady growth for the organisation and in February 1977 Cayman National Corporation offered 100,000 shares to the public, resulting in a broadening of ownership to approximately 150 members.  That same year Cayman National Bank opened a branch operation at Cotton Tree Bay in Cayman Brac.

In 1978 the Bank’s assets reached CI$10 million; an impressive sum considering operations only began four years previously.

In 1984, Cayman General Insurance began operations. Later that same year, Cayman Overseas Bank and Trust Co Ltd became Cayman Overseas Trust Co Ltd, differentiating itself from Cayman National Bank. The next year, Cayman National's first overseas venture - Caymanx Trust Co. Ltd. - was established in the Isle of Man.

By 1989, Cayman National Bank became a member of Visa and MasterCard, and was able to issue its own credit cards, while Caymanx Trust Co. Ltd. became a full banking service. In the years that followed, Cayman National opened its first Customer Service Centres in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

In 1991, Cayman Overseas Trust Co. Ltd became Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd., Cayman Securities Ltd changed its name to Cayman National Securities Ltd and Cayman National Bank and Trust Co Ltd. amended its name to Cayman National Bank Ltd. In an effort to standardise the name and to update the image, a new logo was adopted.

In 1998, Cayman National shares were listed on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange.

In 2007 - 2009, Cayman National continued its local and overseas expansion, opening Cayman National Bank Ltd. Oficiana de Representación (Panama) and Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd, as well as establishing Cayman National Fund Services Ltd, part of the International Financial Services operations.

The organisation continues to grow from strength to strength, adding more branches, building new headquarters and reaching further afield with overseas offices gradually added to the service offering.

Providing quality customer service has always been at the core of its philosophy.  CNC’s policy is to listen to its customers’ needs and it has been able to fulfill those needs by strategically placing itself at the forefront of Cayman’s banking community.  By utilising international connections, with its MasterCard credit cards and linking the VISA ATM networks, together with its VISA business and debit cards, it leads the way for others to follow.